Easter Sunday is six days away. That means you need to stop procrastinating and get a bit serious about what will appear on your dinner table.

Wow, tIme is flying! It seems like just yesterday on the east coast, we were shoveling snow or having Christmas dinner with our family in the winter.

What’s there to cook for Easter? Well unlike Christmas, many prefer brunches and hard boiled eggs as appetizers. So it seems like less turkey and momma’s collard greens, and more mimosas and scrambled eggs!

Not so fast, says one chef! Apparently, southern is still the way to go!

“I am traditional Southern when it comes to the holidays,” Chef Kateri, author of the Vegetarian Vs Vegan Cookbook and Sicilian Cooking tells The Source.

“So I have to say, fried chicken, cherry pineapple glazed ham, marinated roast beef, baked mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, rice, collard greens, cabbage, country green beans with smoked turkey, and corn.”

Sounds kind of hearty!

As for desserts, via OregonLive.com and their Cooking Tips and Dining in, suggests hot cross buns. They indicate that it’s not Easter without symbolic and delicious breads. Gently spiced, fruity but not cloyingly so: these are hot cross buns worth eating. If you want to keep it simple though, you can’t go wrong with a red velvet cake or lemon pound cake.