When Jay Z pulled his music from Spotify and Apple streaming services fans weren’t very pleased, but when media outlet NOISEY reported the news it crossed over from disappointment to offensive.

According to published reports, in a tweet, that has since been removed, the media outlet broke news to fans about Jay’s decision by calling him a “b*tch.”

“Messy b*tch Jay Z has pulled a bunch of his music from Spotify.”

Despite immediate deletion, Black Twitter still came after the outlet, slamming the tweet for disrespect and double standards as one Twitter user pointed, when Taylor Swift had pulled her music from Spotify the outlet didn’t give the same treatment. Others users pointed out that it was ridiculous to call Jay Z a “messy b*tch” for decisions made for his own business, streaming service, and music.

As of press time the outlet has not issued any further statements regarding the incident.

In other Jay Z news, on Friday (Apr. 7), Frank Ocean shared the acoustic-led collaboration between himself, Jay Z and Tyler the Creator titled, “Biking.” For the opening minute, Hov raps over washed-out lounge piano  before Ocean comes in mixing his signature voice with a new Young Thug inspired sound.

Check out the track below.