33-year-old Kristine Yitref was brutally murdered in a Manhattan hotel back in 2007.

The suspect Clarence Dean was finally convicted on Monday [April 17th] and sentenced 25 years to life. The murder took place at the Hotel Carter and Dean hid her body under the bed.

The victim was killed by a broken neck, skull, and suffered from full rib fractures according to investigators. Justice Bonnie Wittner spoke about the violence Dean inflicted during the sentence hearing.

“I’ve tried  a lot of homicide trials […] this was one of the most brutal and depraved beatings and strangulations of someone for no reason at all.”

The Assistant District Attorney Robert Ferrari revealed that Dean was a registered sex offender in Florida and has assaulted women and young children.

During his trial in December, the jury took only 25 minutes to convict him.