“The response has been crazy, you know, obviously I know some fans you know, like lyrical depth and want like a weightier song but then on the flip side there’s a lot of new fans who are coming along because of the song, on the radio everywhere, so it’s kind of like people are getting introduced to me for the first time in different ways so I love that as well. It’s been crazy it’s been really really good. Ty and I met years ago, and are mutual fans of each other’s work. I had actually sent him a few songs, and um, he wanted to work on a couple of them but this was the one that really made the most sense. The song was easily relatable like, it’s nothing that either myself or Ty had to like really have some real deep tie to…it was kind of like something simple both of us could land the same plane on, you know, land the same place, and just appreciate the little things, appreciate being grateful for waking up this morning. I mean he jumped right in, and caught the vibe and it was perfect.”