Nae Sketchie and Miguel Demboyz breaking through the nightlife Industry in Uptown NYC.

With restless spirits, Joel Molina better known as Nae Sketchie & Miguel Plaza better known as Migz Demboyz, has been able to build relationships with Top artist, power players and urban chic personalities within the Latin, Hip-Hop and R&B industries while providing groundbreaking parties. If you were in “La Marina All Summer”  then you have experienced the main events they coordinated with Fabolous, French Montana and 2 Chainz.

They aren’t just the life of the parties. They’re entrepreneurs whose first and only order of business is providing a nightlife experience that bridges the gap between celebrity and civilian, exclusively Uptown.

The two nightlife Gurus began their careers in 2003 as rivals, before their party-goers were accessible by a click of a button; when real promoters relied solely on word of mouth and physically “tagging” their prospective attendees with glossy, printed fliers on corners – a nearly obsolete business expense in 2016. These guys were in the streets consistently, making sure Uptown knew where their party was at.

Joel Molina, Was well known for throwing epic house and hall parties in the Bronx, where high-school party-goers from across the borough as well as out of town made sure to touch down and experience the Sketchie House Parties.

Across the bridge, Miguel Plaza successes formed between the Heights and Harlem, where he hosted the “Party of 100 Bottles” at Masonic Temple. As time passed, his highly favored festivities moved towards bigger venues and created bigger crowds of club-goers.

In the course of their rise, they kept crossing paths creating tension with the motivation to be the best at throwing parties. As the two, developing entrepreneurs were well aware they were each others competition, and after years of rivalry, they decided to collaborate.

They expanded together, pushing their product on a larger scale And Working Together On Some Of These Venues such as Xbar, Melodia, JetsetCafe/Luna, Morocco, Talay, Suite 135, Phuket, HudsonRiverCafe, Tropicana, Cliff Nyc, Stage 48 and Space Ibiza. The blueprint they have created has proven to be a formula to success in the night life. The average lifespan of a promoter or an event at a particular venue is about two years. Joel and Miguel’s parties have surpassed that expiration date setting the bar higher than anyone can reach.

Not only has news of their numbers garnered attention from club heads in surrounding areas, so has their esteemed guest list, previously including Diddy, Nas, Lala Anthony, Post Malone, Busta Rhymes, Trey Songz, Messiah, Ozuna, Arcangel, El Mayor, Secreto, El Alfa, DJ Prostyle, DJ Precise, Funkmaser Flex, DJ Camilo, DJ Kastone, DJ Enuff, Spade, BigBen, JStar, DJ Spinking, DJ Flipstar, DJ Self, DJ SussOne, DJ Clue, Future, Amber Rose, ABoogieA$ap Ferg, A$AP Rocky, and Young Jeezy to date. Joel Molina and Miguel Plaza goals is to coordinate a concert at Madison Square Garden or Barclays center where they will push the envelope and redefine the title “Promoter”.