… Who?

That’s probably what you asked yourself upon reading the article’s title. Sahbabii (pronounced SAH-bay-bee) is a 20-year-old a rising, viral sensation straight out of Atlanta. You’ve probably heard people lip syncing, “pull up wit ah stick. Let it hit”, on their Snapchats. That’s Sahbabii’s song.

The popular song is packaged with explicit lyrics and warnings delivered in the sweetest, melodic sound. The music video was premiered on World Star Hip Hop, and previewed a day in Atlanta’s ninth ward, showing a whole lot of “sticks”.

Fetty Wap and T-Pain remixed the song, however, the original version is still reigning on social media. The Atlanta rapper reported that Drake will be remixing his breakthrough track. Drizzy has a reputation of co-signing rising artists so it wouldn’t  be a surprise. Also, Young Thug invited the young artist to Drake’s Boy Meets World tour in Europe to perform at a few stops. The song is making Sahbabii’s dreams come to fruition.

He recently signed to Warner Bros. He performed at New York University, and at LUST in Brooklyn, NY. There’s obviously a spotlight on him and his third mixtape S.A.N.D.A.S, so you might want to pay attention to him if you haven’t already.