It’s no surprise that Jaden Smith is shining at the Met Gala, a night when experimental fashion is encouraged. At only 18, Smith is somehow light years ahead when it comes to fashion.
(Remember when he wore a skirt for a Louis Vuitton campaign?) And tonight, he’s surprising red carpet watchers yet again — by carrying, as an accessory, what seems to be a bundle of his own dreadlocks.
The lightly bleached dreads in his hand do indeed match the stubble on his head, so Smith appears to have spent the past year cultivating this gem for tonight.
Needless to say, Twitter is already exploding at the thought of one of its favorite young stars headed out with his own hair as the pièce de résistance atop his already chic outfit.
Smith’s dreads have been a longtime element of his look, but as any Insta-cool teen knows, in part, high fashion means being unafraid to mix things up.