Princess Shay AKA “Shiesty Shay” who is most known for her starring role in hit webseries “Money & Violence,” that will be coming out with season 3 soon on network TV, has a bone to pick with Ex Co-star Ray aka “Miz”. Ray has been picking on Princess for months now on Instagram and she has finally grown tired of it. Ray quit the show a few months back and seems to have a bitter attitude towards his former castmate.

She recently did an interview on indie radio platform PMG Radio that has garnered over 26,000 plays on YouTube. She shared her frustration when it came to Ray and his presumed girlfriend NuNu Nellz. NuNu Nellz is alleged to have been highly promiscuous in the battle rap arena in NYC.

The couple kept throwing jabs at her after the interview, so she decided to drop a diss track titled “6 Shots”. Listen to the song and listen to the interview below: