Atlanta author Sashe Omogiate is making it her mission to encourage women to speak their truth and learn to love themselves despite their past heartbreaks, set backs and disappointments.

The former exotic dancer turned-author, philanthropist and producer knows first-hand how depression can have a damaging effect on a woman’s life and relationships with men- from dating married men at 16 to getting caught up in sexually compromising situations.

As she watched close relatives deal with addiction to crack cocaine and was diagnosed with clinical depression, Sashe became inspired to pen her first book, “Truth Is”.

“Truth Is”, is  a daily hand-guide for women who are desperately searching for their meaning in life. In this book, Sashe empowers readers through lessons on self-reflection, failed relationships, along with business ventures that encourage one to become the powerful, purpose-driven woman manifesting the life desired. The book is set to release this month – find out more here !