While many artists have found a way to capitalize off trends and waves, there are a select few that refuse to stray away from who they are. Enter Nemo Achida, a rapper that has been in the “upcoming” spotlight before, but refused to conform to what labels wanted. Life was much different for Achida in the early half of this decade. “Learning what it’s like to be signed and sent back home where your day to day routine isn’t a radio interview, magazine spread, or music video. It’s how can we get paid and when” he explains. But why comeback? Why now?

Call it a reintroduction. Call it a rebirth moment for the artist. “Shaolin” serves as the lead single off his upcoming “VHS” project. The song is produced by Lexington, Ky – local – Balloonz. While the video is directed by Nemo Achida himself, shot by Rob Morton of Creative Visions. Originally hailing from Kentucky, the ATL transplant has returned from a 2-year hiatus with a better understanding of who he is.