The streets are being taken over by the 630 music group. This group started gaining notoriety after releasing “The Definition of R.A.P” mixtape featuring Gunplay Dre. This was a huge accomplishment for this up and coming music group because the hip hop star they collaborated with had his hit single played on “Power”.

From this point on 630 continued to cook up the streets with club bangers, while searching to add a few new editions to the squad. Since the summer is near, this incredible rap group decided to drop a dope new video for all the hustlers out there getting to it.

Their new video “Knoccin” goes super hard. Different artists from the group share their dark stories about trapping. With the ambition to become great, they decided to use their talent later on throughout the video to make the transition from being a trapper to the best rappers. Check out the exclusive video below and let us know your thoughts.