Back in November, TMZ reported that Kanye West had a meltdown and checked into a hospital under the name Jim Jones.
The real Jim Jones, chatted with with TMZ telling them that it’s: “worst catfish ever.”

“I don’t know what’s on Kanye mind but that’s definitely a funny thing to me. “But on a serious side, that’s kinda f***** up that he would use my name in such a manner. If people didn’t know it wasn’t him and they just thought it was Jim Jones doing the regular, crazy Jim Jones thing that could have got my ass in trouble. So for that alone, I should charge Kanye a sucker free [laughs]. I don’t care about that type of shit.”

“I do need an apology I believe. Too scared to be in your own skin? Your name Kanye, my name Jim Jones. I didn’t know you wanted to trade lives. I wouldn’t want to be you anyway, not in my worst nightmare – I’m cool with who I am. I’m gonna start using his name. My new alias is Kanye West. I can’t wait to pull up to hotels, the Hermès stall and tell them Mr. West is outside.”

Jones was prepped well. He got counsel from his mother, Nancy Mama Jones. Appearing on Scoop B Radio, Mama Jones said she knew the deal! “I knew it wasn’t Jim because I was here with my son,” Mama Jones told Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson.

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“Me and my son were together that day, so I knew it wasn’t him. I think I was supposed to take the dog back to him that day because I’m the grandma to my grand-dogs. So I had to take the grand-dogs back to Starbucks and we had laughed about it. And I said: ‘well now you need to go around and say you’re Kanye West and see what kind of perks you can get from it, if ya’ll want to switch names you might as well go right ahead.’”