There is a strong correlation between the infusion of music and health. In every culture, religion or society, music has been used as a medium to convey a message that speaks healing to our body, organs, mind and cells.

Meet Krish Prendergast. A Bridgeport, Connecticut native, Prendergast goes by the stage name of Image I. One-half of the recording group, Afrikan Kartel, he and his singing-mate S. Dot met in high school and have worked to successfully perfect their craft.

What’s cool is that they’ve created a formula that fuses reggae, hip-hop, jazz, gospel and r&b into one genre of music. That’s like Kirk Franklin, PNB Rock, Luther Vandross and Kenny G all in one.

Recently, Afrikan Kartel group released the visual to their single,”Struggle Muzik”. “Struggle Muzik” is the first track via their The Struggle Muzik EP.