#4. ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$, Joey Bada$$
Label: Cinematic

The Brooklyn-native’s sophomore album is heavily aimed at political awareness. It’s a bold and unparalleled move for somebody at the age of only 22. Joey Bada$$ takes a big leap from the subject matter conveyed on his debut project, B4.DA.$$, where he focused on expressing the disbelief in making it. On ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$, Joey raps about the social issues of today: police brutality, systematic oppression, Donald Trump and the consequences of it all. Despite a heavy subject matter, Joey Bada$$ tries to keep AABA in a positive mood. The first tracks on the album, “GOOD MORNING AMERIKKKA,” “FOR MY PEOPLE,” and “TEMPTATION,” set the tone for a sunny optimism, which easily can be mistaken for blissful ignorance. Things change, however, into the second half of the project, where Joey introduces “ROCKABYE BABY” and “RING THE ALARM.” These belong on the more villainous side, where the rapper brings out his anger – and some of the best lyrics on the project. “It’s the double entendre monster/Taking haunting constant trips through your conscious,” is just a taste of what Joey got in store. ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ is a powerful project with strong potential of reaching Joey’s young audience. Bada$$ himself says: “it’s very strong music. It’s like hella vegetables. It’s hella good for you, and it’s almost my hesitance with it: the fact that it’s so good for you, because these kids these days want candy.” – Magdalena Bury.