2 Chainz stopped by Hot 97 and had a good conversation with E-Bro and Laura Stylez about the differences between New York and Atlanta, JAY-Z’s 4:44 album, and unveiled that he’s collaborating with Hip Hop vet, Q-Tip.

I went over to Q-Tip[‘s house last night] and let him hear the Statik records ’cause I want him to be more of like a curator of my next project. I just respect what he has done. I told him, imagine a trappin’ ass Midnight Marauders.

He also shared that they worked differently in the studio, but that didn’t stand in the way of making magic happen. I told him, “I want you to hear this before I leave.” He responded, “bruh, these are real bars”. 2 Chainz exclaimed, “yeah, I know!”

There’s no telling what the Pretty Girls Like Trap Music rapper has up his sleeve with this Q-Tip assisted project, but you can assure that it’ll be “conceptual,” “well-thought out” and have “interactive marketing ideas”, like the last project.

Watch the full interview above.