Today we celebrate the late, great actor, comedian, and writer Charlie Murphy on what would have been his 58th birthday. The multi-faceted Brooklyn native and brother of actor and comedian Eddie Murphy was born in 1959 and had an influence across many different forms of entertainment. He worked with Hip-Hop group K-9 Posse and was listed as executive producer for their self-titled 1988 debut album, along with songwriting credits.

Murphy is best known for his several appearances on Comedy Central’s Chappelle’s Show, hosting Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories where he hilariously recounted his experiences hanging out with musicians Rick James and Prince. After Chappelle’s Show host Dave Chappelle left, Murphy and fellow actor Donnelle Rawlings hosted “The Lost Episodes” made up of sketches Chappelle made prior to his departure. Murphy also contributed voiceover on The Boondocks and popular 2004 video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. 

Charlie Murphy tragically passed away this past April due to leukemia. He left behind his 3 children and a legacy that will never be forgotten. Happy Birthday and Rest in Peace, Charlie!