Former middleweight boxing champ Jermain Taylor, 38, has once again had a run-in with the law, with the latest incident stemming from an alleged attack on a woman in Arkansas, where he’s said to have bit her face and arm while threatening to kill her.

ESPN reports that Taylor was arrested at his home at 3am this morning for the attack, but was later released. Apparently court records do not indicate that charges have been filed against Taylor.

In recent years Taylor has been accused of attacking a man at a rehab center, brandishing a gun at young children during a MLK Day parade, and shooting his cousin in his home. In fact Taylor is still serving a six-year suspended sentence after pleading guilty to nine felony charges in 2015, which includes the shooting incident.

So it’s hardly news that Taylor’s actions represent a disturbing trend. The only real question is how long this is going to be allowed to go on before we ultimately have to report on a dire tragedy.