The narrative that independent artists earn more for their talents is a flawed concept according to The Dream. The r&b hit-man reveled in an interview that he believes that in order to make more money, artist should strive to get signed by a major label.

But before anyone can come for The Dream’s neck he has worked with some music’s biggest acts, all signed to major labels. Dream lent his talents to Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and even to Jay Z‘s on his latest work 4:44.

However when Chance The Rapper is brought into the conversion, the points The Dream makes almost seem to diminish, but the luck and timing of Chance The Rapper’s career is a rarity in music that is not often seen.

Even though most independent artist can manage to make a decent living off of tours alone, there are artist whose impact is apparent online but does not transfer over into ticket sales.

Despite that fact mini labels are doing a good job of snatching up that talent before the big guys can get their hands on them, there are still loads of great music on streaming sites from artist who are making pennies for their hard work and effort.

In the interview with Sway’s Universe The Dream revealed that his view stem from his very lengthy and impressive career releasing 5 studio albums spanning from 2007.

Check out the interview here for more on what The Dream had to say on the matter.