The narrative that indie artists earn more for their talent is a flawed concept, according to The Dream. The r&b hit-man revealed that he thinks up and coming artist should strive for major label backing if they want to bring in the big bucks.

With such a strong opinion on the sometimes shady business of music, it should be noted that The Dream’s comments come from a long line of experience with some of the most clouted up artist in the biz, i.e. Rihanna, Justin Bieber and even Jay-Z.

However one can argue that the indie wave is worth riding once Chance The Rapper is bought into the conversion.

Starting out, most independent artist can manage to make a decent living on touring alone, if their online impact can mirror their ticket sales.

Also, there are mini labels that are doing a great job of snatching up talent before the big guys can get their hands on them, and providing just enough mula to elevate these artist beyond the waves they created on their own.

Check out the interview here for more on what The Dream had to say on the matter.