Samantha Von is the busy boss lady behind the luxury hair extension & beauty brand Savon Luxe. Being one of the beauty industry’s top distributors of raw & virgin hair, Samantha has led her company to global success through networking, strategy, and precise execution of her business plans. Her attention to detail and dedication to her craft has made her a hairstylist’s dream, with her brand providing luxury hair that celebs love.


HerSource decided to chat with this boss woman about why quality is important, and what key business lessons she has learned that have helped her climb the ladder to the top !


What business elements go into hair production that most people wouldn’t think of ?


I feel the biggest business elements that goes into hair production that most people don’t think of is quality control and knowing how to problem solve. The beauty industry is booming and many want a piece of the pie, but don’t invest the time to truly learn. Being in the hair industry you have to truly know your product and operating any business, you have to learn how to handle issues without throwing in the towel. It requires patience and dedication.


What are some common mistakes people make in the industry?

A common mistake that entrepreneurs make in this industry is not fully understanding how to execute proper customer service. Because the hair industry is such a blossoming industry, when many decide they want to start hair business, they see dollar signs; and that’s it. When I started I knew customer service was key and I want to provide my customers with an experience and not just a product. My goal is to make my customers feel as confident as they do when they wear new pair Louboutin and as sexy as they do in La Pearla when they wear Savon Luxe hair extensions.


What makes the quality of your product stand out?


What really makes my products stand out is the quality, longevity, and exclusivity. I have three collections, the Glam Label, Luxe Label, and Black Label under the Savon Luxe Brand. Each collection has beautiful textures and I am currently in the process of adding a few more to fit the desires of my customers.


Who are some of your business icons or role models?


Two of my business icons are beauty maven, ChanelRoseGold and Fearless creator ArianSimone. My mother, Sharon Woodside, ESQ. is my role model. These women have remarkable work ethic. Arian and Chanel both have amazing brands, but still take time out to really help elevate and other women. They’ve helped and taught me a lot. My mother is my ride or die, she is my support. She’s my first go to when I feel overwhelmed and she always gives my that push I need.


What are things people should look for in quality hair?


Well, to start there are different types of hair extensions. Not all extensions are created equal. Lol I sell virgin and raw hair. The things I look at are the texture, smell, and weft construction. A great way to test authenticity is to start at the bottom, pinch a few strands, and run your fingers upwards. You can feel the cuticles of the hair. Authentic hair will have the cuticles intact. If you don’t feel the cuticles, it’s either silicone coated, acid, or acid washed.


What are your goals with your business and brand?


My goal’s with my business is to add more textures to truly be able to cater to all the needs to my customers. My goals with my brand are to be able to work with more celebrities and open a pamper bars I’ve had the opportunity to work with Remy Ma this year. She rocked our Luxe Wave at the 2017 Summer Jamz. It was really amazing and she looked BOMB!

What’s next for you and your line?


I really want to focus on building! Most business fail within the first 5 years, I’m in on year 2/3. I am constantly educating myself on how to better my brand. My biggest goal is to have a holding group that serves as the umbrella to the other brands that I want to start. I have a passion for all things luxury, beauty and lifestyle.