It seems as if the drama surrounding Usher keeps getting messier and messier after the latest accuser decided to hold a press conference detailing why she’s the latest suing the R&B singer.

Quantasia Sharpton, who was accompanied by her lawyer Lisa Bloom, held a press conference on Monday (Aug 7) to reveal why she decided to file a lawsuit against Usher after learning that he had allegedly exposed an unknown woman to genital herpes, despite claiming of testing negative of the disease herself.

“I had a sexual encounter just after my 19th birthday, never once did he warn me about having any STDs. I had a child less than a year ago, so I know I do not have the disease, but I still felt the need to contact someone to see what my rights were due to being exposed.”

Sharpton states that she felt violated by Usher’s alleged omission of his health status and states that it was “unfair” for her to have to find out through the media regarding the issue.

“I am mad because if it weren’t for the reports I would have never known about something that could have affected me for the rest of my life.”

Check out the full press conference below.