Rising superstars Justo The MC and The Lost Info have teamed up to create quite the force to be reckoned with with their new “No Handouts” single and visual.


The collaboration was birthed after the Brooklyn native (Justo) and the Toronto producer (The Lost Info) followed each other on Soundcloud, both feeling each other’s work. After a few emails, the two met in the studio where the record was dope record was created.


The song was released to major acclaim, while the newly released visuals are just as amazing.


The two don’t stop there: The Lost Info and Justo The MC have combined their talents and will be presenting a full length project titled “Epiphany: The Lost Project​”. Poised to deliver a nostalgic hip hop sound and delivery, the collaboration is def going to be an industry game changer.


Between Justo’s timeless bars and smooth approach to each track combined with The Lost Info’s melodic, jazzy, hard-hitting and neck breaking variety of beats, it’s easy to see why both sides agree this is just the beginning of a lethal combination.


hip hop odd couple fusing a Brooklyn, NY (USA) lyrical marksmen with a Toronto Based Powerhouse Production Team.This match made in heaven, formed by a Sound Cloud follow and a few emails has created a four headed monster pairing the East Coast with the North of the border in an unexpected and undeniable sound of raw unfiltered hip hop.

While we have to wait until October 15, 2017​ for the full project, you can get into the latest single and visual below.