Faincarter is a unique and eclectic artist from Indianapolis, Indiana. With an array of talents ranging from playing the guitar and keys, Faincarter is a multi-talented musician who must be heard. Besides being an instrumentalist, Faincarter gets extremely hands-on when it comes to music. Faincarter has produced, recorded, and performed every track that he released thus far (including several features that he had accompanied on his songs).

Faincarter has been generating buzz on SoundCloud with a couple of tracks that he produced and wrote titled “Never Can Say Goodbye” and “Sky High”. In terms of production, Faincarter considers these two songs some of his most creative ones considering the samples used.

Before the production of “Never Can Say Goodbye”, Faincarter was thinking about a woman who he had feelings for at the time and how it was hard for him to say goodbye to her each time he had left. He mentioned that while riding in the car on the way back from her home, he ironically heard “young” Michael Jackson singing in The Jackson 5’s 1971 Top 10 classic “Never Can Say Goodbye” on SiriusXM. Later that night, Faincarter began to break out his MacBook Pro and boot up Logic Pro X. After chopping the sample, Faincarter knew where he was taking the song. He creatively chopped samples out of “Rapper’s Delight” (the percussions at the beginning of the song) and used that as the base for the beat, where he added everything else along with the MJ sample. After listening to the rough version of the beat, Faincarter immediately laid verses down that night. Once posted to SoundCloud, it generated several thousand plays and various blog sites picked it up and reviewed the track.

When making music, Faincarter always considers different ways of doing things especially with sample beats. Faincarter heard a song by The Eagles playing somewhere and was familiar with the band but unsure of the song title. He used the app Shazam to get the song information and it was The Eagles’ classic song from 1975 that ranked in the Top 10- “One Of These Nights”. Once Faincarter got on his MacBook Pro, he immediately bought the song on iTunes and chopped it up and began laying the foundation of his song “Sky High”. During this time, Faincarter felt like his music was hitting a dead end and that he needed a change of course. This meant it was time to take off. The term “take off” resonated with him and inspired the beat because he was ready to “take off” in a “sky high” fashion. Faincarter posted the completed song on SoundCloud where it did quite well. He was actually overwhelmed (in a good way) with all the positive comments and feedback he had gotten. Numerous blogs also picked up the song. Among other methods, Faincarter goes through his grandfather’s record collection searching for records to sample. He is currently working on a new project that will be released sometime soon.

Besides sampling, Faincarter likes to incorporate his own guitar sounds and mix it with a little rock. Faincarter feels that the era of Run–D.M.C. and Aerosmith needs to make a comeback. When performing live, Faincarter mentions how performing to a backing track and DJ alone is “lazy”. Faincarter is an authentic experience to watch live because he performs with a live band and is the lead guitarist. He shows his influences when playing the guitar behind his head just like one of his idols, Jimi Hendrix. Some of Faincarter’s inspirations are Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Slash, Lenny Kravitz, Joe Bonamassa, Eric Clapton, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and John Mayer. Faincarter’s rap inspirations are Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Jay Z, Nas, T.I., and many more. Not only does Faincarter set himself to be a successful rap artist and producer, but he also plans to be among one of the greatest guitarists. Faincarter says to be a great artist, you have to be one with the music.