For some, it’s debatable if Toronto has rightfully earned its medals as one of the established cities when it comes to the hip-hop industry. Regardless of that Canada has no doubt a plenty of raw talent hovering around in the underground youth culture which has earned the likes of many New York’s finest taste-makers and visionaries as well it has Atlanta and Houston undivided attention.

As much as all of this sounds great, there is still pressure to keep up with the Americans musically and underground is a place to start. Johnny Darko is a product of the underground music scene with an established spit game. His EP Dusty n’ Depressed with frequent collaborator Jake Bluez is an ode of exploring normcore-ish ideals and emotions over smooth beats and gritty downtown hip-hop. After being dropped on Spotify, the project has been getting plays. To push their art even further the two release a video for one of the stand-out tracks off their EP entitled “Beef.”

In the Alex Burcea-shot clip the two hit New York City and explore Tri-State landmarks. The clip is pretty low-fi yet deliberately abstract to create Magnolia-ish visuals with Cream‘s unique production style. This is like vaporwave on acid appropriately belonging in the alt-rap category.