Every once in a while something refreshing comes along that changes everything. In hip-hop and R&B, there are tried-and-true sounds with which everyone is familiar. But the brand new sound coming from the group known as The Mob is a refreshing new take on R&B. Their sound and style is new, different and catching the attention of fans and music execs all over the country.

Not only is their music refreshing, but their personalities and the joy they bring to what they do is infectious. People want to be around them and want to hear what they’re going to say, or sing, next. It’s a dynamic that has been built over a lifetime of living together because The Mob is made up of five brothers and sisters – Shaylon King (aka Shake), Javyn King (aka King), Jazelyn King (aka Queen), Travis R.E. King (aka Rome), and Kasha King (aka Kash).

Their sibling dynamic is a special one. Unlike what is often portrayed in Hollywood films or television shows, or even what often happens when siblings grow apart as they get older, The Mob has stayed close and worked together for years. According to Shake, the oldest of the siblings, that unshakable bond comes from a lesson that has been taught to them by their mother.

“Mom always stressed love,” Shake said. “It’s always stronger than hate. Plus it’s all communication. It’s brothers and sisters doing what you’re supposed to see, not what you see on TV. This is real life.”

The first single from the mixtape, “Fire,” has been lighting up the airwaves. Both the audio track and the music video have seen thousands of plays on their Soundcloud and YouTube channels. And as that momentum builds, the group is looking forward to planning a tour sometime in 2018.

“We’re trying to build our fan base and brand so that we can go international and global,” Rome said. “We’re independent, but we don’t mind partnerships with other artists and other labels. But we need awareness to make a tour happen, and we’re looking for more people to help us make that push.”

The Mob’s ever-growing fan base continues to help their social media presence grow. And as that fan base grows the group knows there will be increasing opportunities to put together a tour and book live shows.

Until those logistical things come together, the group is glad to be in the studio as they continue to make music together. Queen said it’s always been natural for the siblings to work well together, and that their process is one that’s very organic.

“It’s freestyle,” she said. “We just play a beat and let it go, and however we feel that day is what comes out. We tap into anything that could help us create this magical music that we create. The beat tells us how we feel, and then we tell our stories and share our vision. We have a lot of things in our vault and a lot of things that we want to share. We love each other very much. The music is alive. And family matters.”