Detroit is know for it’s gritty style and unapologetic rawness and King Funds, CEO of Die Rich Urbanwear is ready to put his stamp on the urban fashion world. The Source sat down with the busy entrepreneur to discuss the origin of the name Die Rich and the inspiration behind the hottest brand coming out of the D!

1. Where did you draw inspiration from for your new line?
A lot of my inspiration for my new releases come from everyday things and situations. I treat it like I’m a singer or rapper or something. Most of my clothes tell a story. Thats because I design pieces according to how I’m feeling at the moment.
2. What do you love and hate about other clothing brands available on
the market?

I love that some brands are not afraid to try new things and set new trends instead of just following what’s already the hot style or look at the moment. Following a trend is cool but I at least try to expand on the trend and make it even doper.
One thing I hate is that a lot of brands(most) just put the first idea that pops in their head on a t shirt and say they have a line. It is an over saturated market now and thats why you have to constantly reinvent to keep things fresh. Thats what I strive to do.

3. Who are some of the fashion icons you look to for superb quality?
I gather a lot of inspiration from other brands that are bigger than mine at the moment. I like Supreme, Popular Demand and The Hundreds just to name a few. One of my biggest inspirations comes from a line called Don’t Cheat The Grind Sportswear®(DCTG™). Its owned by one of my closest partners Supreme (formally known as Chris Douglas-Roberts). He is one person who pushes the envelope and is not afraid to set new trends. His stuff is always limited edition and always sells out. Its dope AF!
4. Where did the name Die Rich originate from?
The name “Die Rich” actually originated from a song called Die Rich by legendary Detroit rapper NoN in 2011. It was a track off his debut studio album “The New Motown”. I thought it was a catchy phrase. But I thought about it even more and its way more than just money as people might jump and think. The definition of rich means an abundance of something. Its about being rich in whatever you want rich to be. Rich in material possessions rich in family rich in love whatever. Death is inevitable. So while you are here make the best of it. Be rich in whatever you want rich to be. So when you look back you have no regrets “Die Rich”!
5. Who is your clothing line geared to?
Well the clothing line is urban based hence the name Die Rich Urban Wear™. The pieces I have out now are just a tip of the iceberg of what’s to come. I have so much more coming in the near future its crazy. Its going to expand the audience big time. I’m not gonna go into details cause people love stealing ideas but its definitely going to put the brand in a whole different league.
6. What advice would you give to a young entrepreneur trying to start
their own business?

Research research research. Whatever you do find the best quality. Quality will set you apart from most because most are not quality. And do something you love. When you love what you do you will go a hundred times harder at it rather than just doing it half way because you heart is not really in it. And lastly don’t get discouraged when it doesn’t pop overnight. I started the line in 2012. I stopped because it wasn’t popping like I wanted it to. I relaunched in January of this year with a whole different mindstate and game plan. Now we winning.
7. Where would you like to see your brand in 10 years?
In ten years I’m trying see my brand like a Polo or a Nike. Those are never going anywhere. Everybody has something Nike or Polo. I want my brand to be the same way. Gold Standard!
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