T.H.C. aka “The Hated Crew” want to bring back the spirit of classic and authentic rap from the belly of the beast. They are a crew of entrepreneurs who most recently launched their own independent record label called Analog Beats that operates in both Colorado and Illinois. They are influenced by artists such as Slick Rickand the eccentric Kool Keith, with their production sound inspired by hip-hop duo Run the Jewelz (El-P and Killer Mike).

T.H.C. consists of the charismatic Dan Baker (DJ Zig Zag), who was born in the Philippines and raised in the mean streets of Chicago. Baker is also a local celebrity from his own popular radio show in Colorado. He learned his turntable techniques from growing up and listening to DJ Jazzy Jeff, Grandmaster Flash and Kurtis Blow. North Carolina’s Frame the Great and Tre Da Don round out The Hated Crew collective. Frame started his rap career by writing poetry, while Tre witnessed poverty and learned from the hard knock life. Both Frame and Tre put all they’ve lived through into the lyrics.

The Hated Crew trio continue to leave their mark in Chicago, home of Kanye West, Common, Chance The Rapper, Twista, Vic Mensa and more. With the release of “Game of Thrones” T.H.C will prove where they stand amongst Illinois’ greats. Or will they just stay the most hated? Only time will tell.