After releasing his two hit singles, “In The Night” and “Slippin’”, the artist was pleased with how well received the projects were among his growing fanbase. After coupling the releases with the visuals, Marzz started thinking of the bigger picture. If one thing is certain, it’s how the artist never succumbs to complacency, and is always pushing himself to higher levels in his career. His mixtape, “Spoils of the Voyage”, is the latest addition to his ever-growing repertoire, which is available on all major streaming platforms. Much like Marzz’s other musical projects, “Spoils of the Voyage” is expected to do large numbers, therefore making it an instantaneous hit among his listeners. “This is the culmination of everything I’ve learned through my journey,” said Marzz. “It’s a follow-up to Intergalactic Voyages, and is ultimately the aftermath.”

Marzz’s eclectic, captivating vibe is partly what makes him so popular. “The core of my vibe is wavy. It showcases the funky, old school beats that I like. It’s really the new wave,” said the artist. Fans can expect his debut album some time in 2018. As he packages up the track list for this major project, he also remains diligent in perfecting his engineering abilities for fellow artists through his label, New Wave Music. Marzz is constantly putting energy into up and coming artists in the industry, and it is further reflected in their music respectively.

“Spoils of the Voyage” was released on August 26, so stay tuned via Marzz’s social media: