In the midst of former Hip Hop big wig Suge Knight’s murder trial, the former Death Row Records’ CEO has to find a new lawyer since his now former litigator, Matthew Fletcher, has been removed from his case.

Prosecutors Ave claimed that Fletcher, has been “attempting to assist the defendant in procuring Witnesses for his defense, which included payments for fabricated testimony”. Knight, who along with being charged with second degree murder, was also charged with witness tampering, bribery and obstruction of justice, is facing a life sentence for running over actor Cle “Bone” Sloan and another man, Terry Carter, on the set of the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton with his pickup truck. Carter died during the incident.

Knight was hit with the bribery and obstruction charges after he allegedly threatened Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray on the set of the movie.

It has not been confirmed as to whether or not Fletcher will be formally charged with the said charges being that the focus is Kbight’s murder case, which could keep him behind bars for life.