Rising star Dreamdoll is next up to claim the throne of miss popularity. Following a life long dream of becoming famous, the Bronx native debuted her professional persona at age twenty one. She has shed her given name Tabatha Robinson since setting her sights on stardom and has for more than four years now worked exclusively as Dreamdoll.

From modeling roles to radio host gigs and becoming a TV personality, she has launched a brand revolving around her public identity. Her love of the color pink and affinity for nice things grew from desires that represent a lifestyle far from what she experienced growing up. Having come up from nothing, Dreamdoll worked hard to make a better life for herself, and after highschool, she went on to graduate from college with a business degree.

Dreamdoll’s latest hit single “Everything Nice” has inundated the airwaves and the music video for it dropped. She has been working with Dj Self and is now the first female artist to have a place at his company Gwinin Entertainment. Keep an eye out for her upcoming mixtape ‘Life in Plastic’ due out later this month. These days you can also catch her dominating the internet by way of social media and hear her twice weekly on Power 105.1. Check out her new video for “Everything Nice” below: