Alessandro Michele’s crazy inventive brain revitalized Gucci and he’s back at it again with another season of pop culture referencing fashion. Apart of Milan Fashion Week, Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection was held in a venue strewn with ornamental art; mummies, sphinxes and Grecian statues decorated the Gucci headquarters. The show took inspiration from “the act of creation as an act of resistance”.

Tracksuits, glamoured up dresses, embellished vests and silky shorts all made appearances on the runway. Gucci’s signature style of bold graphics was employed and the likes of the world famous and instantly recognizable characters Bugs Bunny, Snow White were printed onto sweaters. Also referencing Evil Knievel, a stuntman getup appeared evoking the legendary daredevil. A Marlboro cigarette inspired logo sweatshirt further proved Michele is an expert at creating name brand graphical goodness. Refrencing both the 70’s disco and 80’s era, the silhouettes and colors seen were decidedly vintage. Ostentatious accessories were designated to most looks, big shades and chunky necklaces showed out.


Check out a gallery of some of the key pieces below.

In other news, Gucci is now in official collaboration with Harlem idol Dapper Dan.