No, not the hood’s favorite! Say it ain’t so.

An Ohio DJ claims that Cardi B was dispresprctful after her and her team allegedly exhibited unprofessionalism thst resulted in a botched performance in Cincinnati, Ohio.

DJ Fresh claims that Cardi and her team did not have her music ready for the show and expected Fresh to already have her music.

During the performance, the Cincy DJ says that when the “Bodak Yellow” artist couldn’t get into her set, her manager told him to cut the music.

At this point, Fresh claims that Cardi turned and asked him, “Are you dumb?”

Fresh says he nor his city deserved the disrespect, especially since it was her ill-prepared team that he saw was at fault.

What do YOU think? Was it Cardi and her tram’s fault or does Cincinnati have to claim the ill-prepared DJ?