Words by Corey Copeland

Whether you call him Cornrow Kenny, K. Dot, King Kendrick, King Kunta, or Kung Fu Kenny, make sure you put some respect on his name. As if we need any more reasons, the Compton, CA rapper’s fourth studio album, DAMN., has been consistently ranked within the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart.

Released back in April, K-Dot has already ready completed a 20-city-tour of North America and Canada. Earlier this month he announced “The Damn Tour” was going back on the road for a 15-city-tour of Europe.

The critically acclaimed album debuted at No.1. Boasting a grand total of 603,000 units sold in just one week. Since the release, you can say definitively this California king is sitting on his Billboard throne with his feet up, unbothered by those who can afford to rent space in his Billboard kingdom.

Heading into the 25th week with within the top 10, King Kendrick reigns supreme. However, despite his reign, the “HUMBLE.” King graciously makes room for a few royal subjects who have proven themselves to be royal independently. These subjects include Drake, Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry.

Ed Sheeran has sat in close proximity to Kendrick, as his project is the only other project to dominate the charts, touching the 25th week mark. King Kendrick stacked out prime real estate on the charts early. DAMN. held a spot in the top five for 21 weeks. Sheeran had a nice “vacation home” on the top five, where he stayed for nine weeks.

With Taylor Swift’s, “Reputation” album on the way, she has a chance to pull a “Kanye” on Kendrick. However, if her fans don’t buy-in, Taylor will have to let Kenny finish…

His quest to make DAMN the best performing full-length effort of the year.