Words by Ime Ekpo

Earlier this week, a video of a drunk white man hold a Lime-a-Rita using racial slur the N-word, to refer to a group of young black teens, went viral on social media. This occurred Tuesday morning right on the L-train line, heading towards Brooklyn, NYC.

The man who was identified as Paul Lawson, is heard in the video yelling, “I talk shit cause I know I can can cause I’m a lawyer. I went to NYU Law.” Lawson goes on to yell, repeatedly, “First Amendment, N****r.”

Passengers of the L-train immediately confronted Lawson. A woman is heard saying, Say it again. This man is a racist. This man is on the L-train on the way to Brooklyn saying the N-word.” The woman goes on to say, “I’m going to put this on the news. Everybody’s going to know what a bigot you are.” The reason why this woman can easily put this on the news is due to her title as New York City based rapper, Princess Nokia.

With Destiny Frasqueri being her real name, the open minded rapper along with fellow passengers forced Lawson off the train at the next stop, which appeared to be Bedford Ave. Lawson made an attempt to board the train again to get his belongings, but ends up getting hot soup thrown on him, by Princess Nokia.

According to the rapper’s Twitter where she told of the series of events, she slapped Lawson following his racial slur act, which he followed by called Nokia the n-word.

There is another incident involving racist intent involving Lawson from May of this year, where he verbally belittles a Black man for over 20 minutes.