Words by Ime Ekpo

On Saturday afternoon, West coast Hip-Hop legend, Snoop Dogg took to social media to announce the coming of his new album, Make America Crip Again.

Many fans will read the album title and come across the term crip, and automatically think about the LA-based gang. Many Snoop fans have labeled the rapper as a hypocrite, due to his advocacy for the preservation of black lives and now assumed promotion of gangs and gang violence through his music.

With the suggestive message of combating the reign of President Donald Trump seen through the visual of a blue hat that imitates Trump’s MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats, Make America Crip Again, there is a great chance Snoop is not on a roll to promote, recruit, and represent gang culture.

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Since POTUS is the current world representative of the Republican party, who is known to follow a very conservative mindset with the color red as their symbol, it makes perfect sense for Snoop Dogg to stand on the side of the Democratic party, whose liberal values are supported by two-thirds of the country and have the color blue as their symbol. Snoop is also widely known to be associated with a crip gang from the East side of Long Beach, California whose color is infamously known to be blue.

Perhaps, Snoop Dogg is using this approach to get his message about racism, immigration, mass prejudice, and the mindset of white supremacy from the standpoint of the people across to the current rulers of the White House. An album mirroring their tactics from the other side just might trigger some form of dialogue, but let’s see how Snoop executes this one.

Make America Crip Again is set to release on Friday, October 27th.

Oct 27 new snoop Dogg. ??????

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