Words by Ime Ekpo

Around 11:30 am yesterday (October 17), a bull was spotted in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park area taking quickly paced strolls along the sidewalks and close by streets. At first, many thought the animal was a cow, but hours later the said cow’s identity was confirmed to be a bull by ABC 7. The young bull entered the sports complex around Noon which is where the NYPD made attempts to corner the bull with a soccer goal net. This is clearly not an ideal or easy task for officers.

Finally, after 90 minutes of hounding after the young bull, officers managed to trap it in the dugout area of the sports field, using one NYPD vehicle as a barricade.

ABC 7 TV’s helicopter happened to be bound to catch the chase live which shows a crowd piled along the Prospect Park Parade Ground’s fence as the bull wanders about the soccer field.

Social media users were handy at expressing their concerns about the young bull. Many wondered about the original whereabouts of the bull, if the bull was possibly escaping a disadvantageous situation, and even why the NYPD appeared scared of the bull.

To add humor to the sighting, unknown individuals made parody Twitter accounts for the young bull, personifying its probable mindset with profile bios stating “Just a cow trying to get the hell away from the hipsters in Brooklyn” and tweets like @ProspectParkCow “Someone in the audience throw over a ball. I want to play.”

Post-capture, the Prospect Park bull was taken to the Brooklyn Animal Care Center where arrangements have been made to transfer the young bull to the Skylands Animal Sanctuary in New Jersey, which it is where the bull is currently settled.