Words by Jason Cordner

Dana White revealed that he believes former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is a disappointment to him and not on his radar anymore. The statements come as no surprise as White is well-known for being either a fervent supporter or detractor of his fighters.

MMAUno discussed White’s response on the TSN MMA Show when he was asked about Jones’ inability to fully capitalize on his athletic brilliance due to his myriad legal issues.

“Ever. Ever. In all of sports,” he said of Jones. “The guy is so talented and gifted, God knows what he would be doing now if he had never gotten in trouble. He could possibly be the heavyweight champion and have the defense record that couldn’t be broken. The list goes on and on of what could’ve been with Jon Jones.”

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is currently facing the possibility of a four-year ban from mixed martial arts. The possible lengthy suspension stems from Jones failing an in-competition drug test after the UFC 214 weigh-in. Jones tested positive for Turinabol, an anabolic steroid.

Jones defeated then light heavyweight champion Cormier at UFC 214, but he was later stripped of the title. The belt is once again in the hands of Cormier, who hopes to defend it at some point in early 2018.

Dana White had high hopes for Jon Jones. Jones was the original face of UFC before Conor McGregor stepped on the scene. Wasted opportunity is probably the worst kind of opportunities you can ever get.