Words by Shurida Lundi

According to the Center for Disease Control, in January of 2017 it was shown that one in five children aged 6-19 is battling childhood obesity. With healthy food options limited in low income households due to the neighborhoods and the amount of money organic and vegan options cost, every day more children are gaining weight. Mayor Bill de Blasio has introduced “meatless Monday’s” to the public-school system.

Mayor de Blasio announced that 15 public schools will ditch meat on Mondays on their menus starting this Spring. He is also following suit with his family at their home even when they have guests. Even though he does eat meat, his children are vegetarians. P.S. 1, the school where he made the announcement, is ahead of the game as it is one of five schools that serves vegetarian meals every day.

A survey was taken, and broccoli was the top vegetable choice for the children which was a shock to the mayor. “I am very proud of all the students, I’m proud of everyone here for their decision,” de Blasio said.

Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña stated, “Teaching students about nutrition and exposing them to healthy food options from an early age is critical.” “I am living proof of the power of a plant-based diet to transform one’s health,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. “I believe that Meatless Mondays is an extremely significant initiative that has the power to transform the health of thousands of our city’s students, as well as open the door to a powerful conversation that children can have with families on nutrition and wellness.”