Words by Megan Ambers

While we wait for his highly anticipated album, rumored to released in November, Eminem is feeding his fans slowly but surely with some good ol’ Slim Shady feels.

Eminem went on his Instagram Wednesday (November 1) with a big announcement. The launch of the “Stan” limited edition collection. The photo shows an individual with yellow rubber gloves and a bottle of hydro peroxide in their hand over a bathroom sink. On the left side of the sink sits a white baseball cap with the word “Stan.” The caption reads the oxford dictionary’s definition of the term Stan. “Stan [n]: An overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity” – Oxford Dictionary. Link in Bio to sign up for the first details on our new collection.”

Stan was officially added to the Oxford Dictionary in July of this year, crediting the rapper as the origin of the term. Eminem released the song “Stan” in 2000, based upon a fan who became so overwhelmed with the lack of response from Eminem that he took the life of himself, wife and unborn child. On Thursday (November 2) Eminem gave his fans another look of the Stan Capsule, this time a photo of a white T-shirt and a cap with the word Stan, surrounded by old Eminem memorabilia, including a notebook and broken pencil. Another reference to the old music video.

Stan Capsule – Volume 1 Coming Soon. Link In Bio For First Access.

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Eminem is scheduled to appear on Saturday Night Live in the up and coming weeks.