Besides Nelly and his St. Lunatics crew, no artist from St. Louis has repped their city with platinum status, only rivaled by the East and West Coasts. Those are some difficult shoes to fill since it hasn’t been done in almost two decades.

Introducing Lil STL, a St. Louis born, Alabama bred rapper that has decided to put “The Lou” not just in his name, but on his back. Rumor has it that STL is currently at the with a major label following the success of his “Whitney Bobby” smash single.

Check out his latest single “Came Up”, a track detailing his ascension in the game. What distinguishes you from any new artists from”The Lou”?
Lil STL: Originality, man. There’s a lot of shit that’s coming out now that sounds the same. A lot of that fad shit going on right now. We keep it original. What are the differences in your career from its beginnings to the present?
Lil STL:The progession. The focus as Das as putting out the music. The strategic way we put it out. In the beginning, we was just winging it. Now, we put out the music with a goal to reach. Trying to move out of the situation we’re in. Move to the next level with this shit. Tryin’ to climb that ladder. How did Nelly and the St. Lunatics catapult your situation?

Lil STL: They motivated a lot of people. They made the shit look possible, feel possible…to accomplish something. Whether you was a rapper, a manager…whatever you was into, they made it feel possible when they made it.