Words by Qadriyyah Marie Brown

One of Donald Trump’s longtime bodyguards, Keith Schiller told sources that back in 2013 at the Miss Universe pageant, one of the Russian participants offered to “send five women” to Trump’s hotel room in Moscow. Schiller didn’t take what was said seriously and responded with “We don’t do that type of stuff.” The conversation had taken place after a morning meeting about the pageant and Schiller told the sources that he and Trump thought it was a joke and laughed about it as Trump went to bed alone Schiller testified.

The allegations came about after a British intelligence operative accused Trump of having prostitutes at the hotel which Schiller unwaveringly denies. Schiller gave different sources contrasting accounts of what happened that night but said both he and Trump were aware that cameras could be hidden in their Moscow hotel. Keith was grilled for hours before the House Intelligence Committee as part of four hours of testimony referring to that Moscow trip. He was also asked about a meeting from June 2016 with other Russians too and couldn’t recall much.

Schiller’s lawyer said “It is outrageous that the very Committee that is conducting an investigation into leaks…is itself leaking information and defaming cooperative witnesses like Mr. Schiller.” He also added that “This conduct is indefensible and calls into question the credibility and motives of the Committee’s investigation.”

Trump really does love his women!