Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been tight-lipped these past few months in regards to their third child. Until today, all we knew was that it’s being carried by a surrogate who will be paid a pretty penny for her favor, and the due date is some time in January. TMZ reported in September that the couple was expecting a girl but there hasn’t been any confirmation.

The reality star appeared on Ellen to discuss her latest bundle of joy, and accidentally confirmed TMZ’s reports when sharing a cute North West story.

People brought toys and gifts and she was opening them all up the next day. And she said, ‘Mom, since baby sister’s not here, I think I need all of her toys in my room and I’ll play with them and just make sure they’re all OK for baby sister.

Ellen Degeneres had the best response. “She’s a toy tester—and you just told us it’s a girl.” Aside from the gender reveal, Kim also told Ellen that she doesn’t have a name for her baby girl yet and she’s freaking out.

We don’t have a name and at the baby shower, I was like, ‘I don’t want to play any games, measuring the belly, none of that will work for this time around. I just want everyone to write a name on a little tile and see if there’s something that sticks.’ We’re freaking out. We have no name.

Check out the video above.