When you are in the ranks of being two of the biggest entertainers in the world, your sense of fashion becomes a district of favor. Beyoncé and Rihanna are harmoniously artistic musical acts who have both dominated the charts, created history, and for the most part, are sanctioned as everlasting trendsetters. With their reign in the pop music world being exclusively dominant, it is not a surprise the two melody queens have a similar taste in style.

Of course, heading to different locations the “Lemonade” mother of three and “Wild, Wild, Wild” chanter rocked a $695 three inch heel transparently bodied glass-like slipper, which features a base beige by Manolo Blahnik.

With both pop queens owning committed populous fanbases, there is no doubt the #BeyHive and #RihannaNavy are debating the conclusion on which queen rocked the Cinerellaesque shoe the best. There is a great chance they will factor in the physique ensembles worn by their consorts, as Beyoncé rocked the shoe with a sweater split red skirt, while Rihanna sported the shoe with a black jean mini skirt, which commemorates her cutting-edge voluminous figure.

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