Lately it seems like Cardi B has been getting a taste of the industry’s sour side up close and personal, but confrontation is nothing new for the rapper. In recent news Love and Hip Hop reality star Joseline “The Puerto Rican PrincessHernandez released a diss track calling out Cardi. This was over a beef that sparked back in August over a comment made by Stevie J saying that Joseline was keeping their daughter Bonnie Bella away from him because of her jealousy towards Cardi B’s success.

Well, it looks like there are more people on Cardi’s hit list then we knew of. On Nov. 20, Cardi posted a video on her Instagram addressing the people that have smiled in her face, but spoken ill behind her back.

Following the post she captioned it with “Please leave that fake shit… Same lips that be talking bout me is the same lips that be ass kissing.”

Please leave that fake shit …Same lips that be talking bout me is the same lips that be ass kissing

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Heard you sis!  We’ve all experienced a snake or two or three in the grass before.  We wonder who Cardi is talking about, but with the power of social media, the cat will be out the bag sooner than later.