After the successful release of his critically acclaimed ‘Pursuit Of Happiness’ project, PA capital city representative J. Bair hasn’t stopped working in his journey on the pursuit. After dropping his Craig G and Sadat X assisted “Hip Hop” video at the top of the year and the “Mind of the Police” visual during all of 2017’s recent police relating shootings, J.Bair sits down with to discuss the support he gets from the Keystone State, the success of his new album and why he found it important to link with some of the game’s pioneer’s for his latest album. J. Bair will be appearing in a live “Unplugged 4” show this weekend in his hometown. Look for the link below for details.

After about 6 months since its release, which way are you going to take your listeners on their “Pursuit Of Happiness”?

The Pursuit of Happiness (POH) is really a natural progression from my debut album, Dare To Be Different (DTBD). My producer PremTouch and I wanted to continue to show growth and evolve as artist, but at the same time give our supporters the things that they love about our music. Like DTBD, POH is a personal journey. It’s my life put to music. At the same time it’s a challenge to everyone to do some soul searching, self-evaluating, and ultimately recognize, although sometimes easier said than done, that happiness comes from within.

How did working with vets in the game like Sadat mature you in the game?

Working with veteran emcees such as Craig G, Sadat X, Torae, Masta Ace, and Jasiri X showed me another level of professionalism. It helped me to understand that there are no days off, and you have to be ready at all times. It also let me know that I’m talented enough to take my career to the next level.

Tell me about the support of your album in PA and the region?

The support has been great in my home state of Pennsylvania. Thanks to the internet and social media there’s been a lot of love and support from around the globe as well. My goal going into next year is to really hit the road a lot more though.

What’s the next single to be released?

The next single should be coming out in early 2018. It’s a song called “The Essence” produced by PremTouch featuring Torae and Masta Ace. Pure Hip Hop.

Any shows on deck?

Yes, our next show is J. BAIR Unplugged 4. Which is on Saturday November 25th in Harrisburg, PA. It’s the fourth installment of our critically acclaimed Unplugged series. It features the outstanding 8 piece band The Loud Pak led by Jarred McDonald, and an all-star cast of background vocalist including Alonda Rich, Airis Smallwood, Jamelle “Nova” Noon, and Kalen Myers. It’s definitely a can’t miss event!