Words by Nick Slay

For many hip hop fans, Common gets the utmost respect. He’s known as a lyricist, movie composer, successful actor and has been called, “Chi Town’s Nas” for his outspoken and conscious lyrics. Now we add another title, “International man of mystery?” Well not exactly.

In Common’s new digital comic book series, ‘Caster’ Common stars as globe-trotting antiquities dealer a kin to Indiana Jones, but in many ways his own identity. He’s a character that in his search for his next big payout gets thrust into a world of action, mystery, and international espionage.

Common will also do the score for the upcoming comic published by LINE Webtoon, while his production company Freedom Road Productions and business partner, Derek Dudley, will produce the upcoming series. Set to release a year from now, we can expect a unique character that know’s his artifacts and antiquities, yet you’ll never find him in a museum. You’ll see Caster’s travels take him across the world to black market bidders and nefarious characters on his search for money and adventure.

Character and story creator Austin Harrison (CEO of Noble Transmission) has had his illustrative work featured in Marvel, DC, Dark Horse Comics, etc. Inspired by an object he saw in San Francisco, he is really excited by this project. So are the people at LINE Webtoon apparently, who believe that Common’s cooperation on the project will add a new dimension to his already successful digital comic offerings.

Tom Akel, LINE Webtoon’s head of content, is looking forward to the new audience that Common’s involvement will bring to the platform. They are in hopes that he will make the leap from the smartphone to screen to silver screen with the involvement of G-Base, actor Gerard Butler’s production company who is already on board for a live-action adaptation. Who’s ready to see Common play a larger than life comic book character on the big screen?