Words by Leslie Monet


Flavor Flav is calling all the O.G’s out to support his Vegas-based variety show, including America’s black superhero Barack Obama.

Influenced by Arsenio Hall, Flavor Flav’s Vegas will be executive produced and hosted by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Flavor Flav. In a recent interview Flav confessed his dream of creating the show was conceived back in 2003 but touring with Public Enemy and courting the ladies on Flavor of Love pushed his plans to the back burner.

Tooting his own horn, Flav went on to compare himself with Obama as part of history stating he’d be his dream interviewee because the both of them are “firsts”. “He’s the first black president ever and I’ve always wanted to meet him. That’s history right there. He’s history and I’m history. So I’d love for two parts of history to come together on one stage and I’d rather it be my stage.”

Flav also made it very clear who he would not want on the show. When asked if he’d accept a random invite to go back out with Tiffany “New York” Pollard, he stated “One thing about Flavor Flav, I want to be successful without going back to revisit anything that I’ve done. [New York] was a huge part of my success and I don’t want to have to revisit that.”

Welp! Looks like Flav is only here for the real ones in 2018. Either way we can’t wait to see what he’s got up his sleeve or in his clock!