Words by Jasmine Johnson


PUMA introduces its latest collection with Pink Dolphin. It’s their fourth collaboration between the two that introduces a classic beach with classic PUMA silhouettes. By the PUMA Clyde look, Pink Dolphin created two different styles that were motivated by nature. The first pair coincides with a white upper accented by an ocean blue form stripe on where it stayed true to the colors. It also has a light to dark blue striping along the side and back to add detail.

The second pair has a bright coral that emphasizes by a beige cream form stripe. The details that are on the side and back of the shoe go from light coral to shades of blue. The footwear goes along with the apparel that features a long sleeve black tee and three PUMA X Pink Dolphin tees with the colors of light blue and cream. All of the tees have a PUMA and Pink Dolphin standout logo showcasing the West Coast look.

The PUMA X Pink Dolphin Clydes are $100 and the apparel is starting at $40 at select PUMA stores and online in which came out on November 21.