“Standing out is a natural consequence of being an Icon.”

Designer and owner of YEROC, Corey Woods, has used this mantra to catapult himself into the elite crowd of high-end eyewear. At first sight, his entire aura draws you in and subconsciously… that was part of his plan.

“YEROC eyewear serves as a symbol, a prelude to my story. The eyewear represents my ever-
changing metamorphic vision. When you see life through multiple lenses, you heighten your
perspective and comprehension of the world.”

Known as the go-to-designer for one-of-a-kind eyewear, his designs have been seen on Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kanye West, Kim KardashianWest, Naomi Campbell, Kimora Lee SimmonsAmber Rose, Wendell Lissimore , Christina Milian, Don Benjamin, Dallas Wade, and many more. Aiming to stand alongside the giants in the fashion industry, Corey reveals his inspiration, “The core is comprised of an eclectic, artistic, imaginative, and productive nucleus that spawns original output,” he explains, “My inspiration to birth a luxury eyewear company comes forth from an internal deep-leveled well of virtuosity.”

Recently releasing his iconic VALKANIK collection at New York Fashion Week, each frame is carved from the beautiful and rare bamboos of the Bermuda and Corey’s vision in design is just the beginning. “The creation of YEROC transcends the physical matter of the actual eyewear; it is a physical, static symbol of my vision for an enhanced, sharper future.”

Check out some of YEROC’s classic designs below and Visit Corey Woods at IYEROC.COM and follow him on Instagram @coreywoods_ Twitter @coreywoods_