Words by Comfort Nnana Kalu

TMZ recently reported that Los Angeles police are looking into a break-in at Last Kings’ storefront that took place this weekend. Apparently, someone broke in either late Friday night or early Saturday morning and stole an assortment of items. An employee reported the break-in Saturday morning and brought in the authorities.

Officers reported that the unidentified suspect pushed their way in and made off with a few pieces of clothing. The total value of the items stolen has yet to be determined. Last year, Tyga went through a legal battle with the landlord who sued Tyga for $75,000 in damages found throughout the building. According to the landlord, the place was found abandoned and destroyed. Tyga however, counteracted and said that he could not be held responsible for the damages and that the building was not up to code.

Also back in 2015, Tyga’s Last Kings brand was in a legal battle with his former business partner and collaborator Chuon Gen Lee. His business partner accused him of stealing the Last Kings brand concept and not falling through on a previous agreement. She won the case with a payout of $1.6 million that has risen to $2 million as Tyga has failed to pay the previous amount. It seems like trouble is following his Last Kings Brand.