Words by Jasmine Johnson

In August, Kendrick Lamar confirmed a theory that his album, DAMN, could be played reversed and still can create an entire story. He is taking his storytelling up a notch by releasing a special edition of DAMN which features the track list in reverse.

The new project was leaked by an online marketplace which features a listing for the album, collector’s edition. Instead of the album starting with the track “BLOOD,” and then going to “DNA,” the project will kick off with the track “DUCKWORTH,” and then “GOD.” and “FEAR.” It also includes a new black and white cover featuring Kendrick sporting a white t-shirt that reads ‘DAMN.’

Fans realized that you can play the album backwards after a few weeks it came out and it plays in a better rhythm. He has the most nominations of the GRAMMY’s and recently did a tour with YG, Travis $cott, D.R.A.M. Earlier in the year, he got a major accomplishment in his music career by receiving a plaque for his album which was certified as double platinum with over two million units in three months. In May he hit platinum and it also debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts.

A release date for the new collector’s edition album has yet to be revealed.